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Belize - a travelogue of the land where time flows more slowly

Belize - a travelogue of the land where time flows more slowlyAfter Mexico, it was the strange feeling to get to the border of Belize. It`s not only that this state is much smaller, but it is sparsely populated. Many in Europe do not even know that this country exists.And when you get there - it`s all in the sign of Belize. Proud residents talking about their country and its importance, and you are, of course, polite - you pretend you`ve always wanted, from the entire world, to see most of Belize.
Small little land has small former capital. Sometimes this city was beautiful, but it had no luck - it`s been hurricane wrecked in the year 1961 and many historic buildings never had been rebuilt. Residents of Belize then evaluated that Belize City is not as good as the political center of the country, and the capital became even far smaller city Belmopan in the interior.
While France is graced with Paris, Austria with Vienna, Moscow with Russia, Britain with London, Belize is one of the rare countries in which capital can not absolutely prove anything. Much like our neighboring Montenegro, where the capital city of Podgorica also falls into the category of tourism "carry on."

`Chicken Bus`

Belize - a travelogue of the land where time flows more slowlyBelize City is a little bit more interesting than Belmopan. Several small bridges and pleasant streets with Haulover Creek, a small churches somewhere ...
It is not quite clear to us how such a small town can be dangerous, but the fact is that Belize City is not safe, especially in non-traffic areas along the coast. We were careful when and where to stick our noses, so there were no problems.
Bus ride in Belize is an experience in itself if, of course, you have the patience for it. This type of bus is popularly referred to as "chicken bus", and inside were all sorts of travelers with all kinds of baggage - from perforated boxes with chickens to machetes for clearing up wild plants.
I have Never seen such a slow bus. Main roads are paved and are not in bad shape, but the bus stops near absolutely everywhere - people enter and exit the bus where ever they feel like it. Sometimes the passengers wait by the road at a distance of fifty meters and the driver stood patiently to everyone wherever they wanted to go in or out. In this way, for hours and hours driving, a shift is very modest. Drivers are another story. Back combed hair, a driver all the way, more than five hours, listened to very loud Bon Jovi and Guns N `Roses and visibly enjoyed the music. At one point, he began to flirt with the youthful traveler, till the time the other people started to yell to the girl to get away from the driver because they were concerned for their own safety.

Amazing relaxation

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Belize - a travelogue of the land where time flows more slowlyUnlike the former and the current capital, the rest of Belize was very exciting. Although the main attraction is diving (some islands have an extremely attractive surrounding seabed), we stayed in the middle of the land. We particularly liked the lovable and incredibly relaxed outback town of Punta Gorda in the south of the country. Thus, this slow pace of life we ​​have not seen anywhere before- a perfect anti-stress therapy. Everyone calls this place PG, seems that people are so lazy that they even don`t want to pronounce the entire name of the town.
Beautiful beaches, relaxed and friendly people, offer a simple, authentic experience - just what we wanted.
We met several women from the United States who came to their husbands in PG. It seems that men are the true deceivers because they are not easy to relocate here. Rare flights for Belize with the addition of an eight-hour bus ride to come to this area makes it less accessible part of the world. Poverty, rather limited access to healthcare, and very low wages... But, a relaxing atmosphere is unmatched by any other place.
Belize has never fought with anyone nor had revolutions and civil wars. This quiet corner in politically unstable part of the world gave us the rest and prepared us for further wandering in Central America.



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