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China: A ruthless struggle for a place under the sun

China: A ruthless struggle for a place under the sunPROBABLY all the clothes you wear at this moment is made in China. Probably half the objects that surround you are also produced in that country. What is with this "Made in China"?We traveled the country in a month and made a big circle in its most densely populated area, the heart of China - this is exactly where this economic miracle is happening. The goal was simple: to get to know this far country and to see the base of its economic ascent.

Real China

China: A ruthless struggle for a place under the sunI realize that we were wrong when we imagined Communist China. Socialism there still exists only on paper, on the red flags and stars. In reality, China is wild capitalism country with steel dictatorship. If you leave the lights and glamor of Shanghai, Beijing Olympics and Expo - China is still a poor country. We met a different life, a difficult, strange and unacceptable to us. Many people, especially those who come from the countryside to the city and do not have accommodation, work for 12 hours a day seven days a week. Salary? About 50€. Working conditions? Very bad. Workers` rights? Hardly exist.

Spoiled Europeans

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China: A ruthless struggle for a place under the sunAs we got to know the Chinese people, we felt somehow spoiled and whiny. Nothing was right to us, and we would do all things other way than the Chinese. And we noticed that sometimes the Chinese perceive Westerners as arrogant, "tweaker" and slow. Compared to their extremely harsh world, we indeed seem that way. China has not got a "Viennese School". At the entrance to the subway or train, the endless waiting lines wherever you go, the avenues with ten lanes in one direction, everywhere endless crowds and struggle of the individual for a little place in the Sun. This recipe is a ruthless struggle for their economic ascent - steel discipline and hard work, the only thing that can save so many people out of poverty and hunger. You can be angry when someone pushes you, you can lose your temper in horrible traffic jams, noise and excitement, but no one will hear you. There lives a whopping one billion and three hundred million people. And they want their place in this world. Welcome to China!

Great human hive

China is no ordinary state, it is an unusual political megastructure and megastate gathering incredible, fascinating, huge billion and 300 million people. It is approximately 300 countries such as the Croatia. China alone has a population of as much as all of Europe and North America together! The Chinese have praised this summer that their country was the largest consumer of fossil fuels in the world in 2009. year. Yes, but when you see hundreds and hundreds of millions of Chinese people who jump out from everywhere like ants, then you realize it`s petty prank - if the country has four times the population of the U.S. means that it actually consumes four times less fuel per capita. And that, in fact, means that the cpuntry is - poor. So when we talk about China, do not forget the number of Chinese people. Then all these bombastic data, such as largest market, or the manufacturer, does not resonate more powerfully when divided per capita. Than China still turns out very, very poor.



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