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Southeast China: Huge cities with pleasant climate

Southeast China: Huge cities with pleasant climateWe were surprised with the measure that Hong Kong still breathes independently, although it is formally a part of China. Not only that everyone speaks English or drives down the left side, but there is also a separate currency and borders with China. If you are returning from Hong Kong to China, you need a new visa as if you leave the country. Like Shanghai, Hong Kong is a luminous performances empire with skyscrapers, glass and marble. And it`s a huge, huge market of absolutely everything. Is there a single more important thing in a world that does not pass through Hong Kong? Administrative and business center of the city is situated on a small island, while the majority of Hong Kong is located across the channel on the peninsula that has been developed from an infinite Asia. Water tunnels and subways are located below the canal.

The spectacle of shapes, colors and lights

Southeast China: Huge cities with pleasant climateEvening view on both sides of the canal bank is a marvelous spectacle of shapes, colors and lights, and it is attractive as you can see in Hong Kong. Therefore it is important to travel across the channel on the ferry, as in the old colonial era. It is also worth to climb up the hill which is in the middle of the island - on one hand a huge city, and on the other infinity view of the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The streets of Hong Kong, filled with shops and outdoor markets, are offering an excellent view of life of local people and their interests. There is everything on offer - from the bizarre items, such as bird`s nest to the most luxurious goods. Hong Kong`s economy would flourish when China would allow its citizens to go shopping in this realm. A hundred kilometers upstream from Hong Kong, to the banks of the Pearl River, is situated a beautiful city with a rich history, Guangzhou. Fifteen kilometers away is Foshan city. But, of course, do not think that this are small cities, because, well, there are ten million inhabitants in Guangzhou and six million in Foshan. For an better idea of ​​what kind of hive is this, in the immediate vicinity is Shenzhen citie with 14 million inhabitants and Dongguan with the seven million inhabitants.

Great Chefs

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Southeast China: Huge cities with pleasant climateGuangzhou is not so notorious as other cities of China, tourists are almost gone, so we can finally get to know better the Chinese, in this case Southern (it is a huge country - to the north of Beijing is about 2,000 miles!). There we were able to find food that is somewhat close to us and again concluded that the Chinese are great, great cooks. For us it has become normal to eat with chopsticks, and we also learned some basic Chinese words. Although Guangzhou holds valuable temples and archaeological sites "lost" in large avenues and tall buildings, it is not quite as extreme as other Chinese cities. There are still some beautiful streets where merchants sell anything and everything, there is even a slight oriental touch. There is a beautiful neo-Gothic cathedral, and especially nice big Pearl River that flows through the city center. And while watching the river that shines in pearls, and drinking great beer that is named after her, we finnaly fonud something to love about China. Not only that this is an unusual human hive, which is easy to travel. But still - just that it is so different is enough of the reason that we wish to know this country.

The Chinese are not

And we realize that the Chinese are not "nerds" as they appear at first glance. After a very good meal, they often relax with a row of beer bottles. Moreover, cheerful society drinks consecutive cases of beer. However, I`ve not seen them to become aggressive or rude. You can always feels discipline, which is very different than in Europe. At any time of the day and night you can find yourself on the streets feeling safe. Of course, this does not mean that you have to bee to brave, but when you see strolling couples or retirees catching their breath after a sultry day in the middle of the night, you see that there is on fear. Crime is not everyday sceen in major cities of China, at least not like in Europe or America.



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