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Guatemala - a successful recovery from the disaster of the Civil War

Guatemala and Honduras rise from the dust, trying to carve out their own place in the sun. These are the capitalist countries, and unlike neighboring Nicaragua or nearby Cuba have never flirted with communism. Torture them typical ills of the developing world - rampant corruption, a very high crime rate and the unbridgeable gap between rich and poor.Guatemala city is big and powerful city, an important cultural and economic center of this part of the world. Beautiful churches adorn palaces and several historic center, a pearl is an extremely beautiful central square with the cathedral. Unfortunately, in this part of town has the highest crime, but instead to develop a wider range of richer and more peaceful neighborhoods, economic zones and shopping centers. Besides the capital and the whole "backbone" of Guatemala to the second largest city Quezaltenango looks decent and economically active - who said he was only fifteen years ago in Guatemala ended a brutal civil war that lasted for decades. Neighboring city Atigua big tourist center. It is the former capital and the ruthless natural environment has lost primacy. With a series of major natural disasters such as floods and fires in history has had three very destructive earthquakes.


AntiguaA testament huge cathedral facade that hides a little unusual interior. The cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake a few times, and again rebuilt. However, after a devastating earthquake 1773rd was as if the builders and residents "movie broke" - have concluded that it is not a suitable place for such works and recover only a small part of the facade and interior. Remnant of a once great cathedrals and the day-to-day is ruined, what`s left after the earthquake. The city that had hitherto gleamed suddenly stalled in development and few newer buildings. Walking through the streets of Antigua are watching what they were several hundred years ago, it was a very nice experience.

Wildlife and unspoiled nature

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Rio DulceHowever, the best of what we have experienced in Guatemala took place much further east, at the mouth of the Sweet River (Rio Dulce) in the Caribbean Sea. In this wilderness lies the small town of Livingston which is fully supported by the boats and little boats. They are the only entrance and exit of the city as there are no roads that would ga connected with the interior of the country. In the jungle canyon through which the river flows Cute are rare village that seems to have been forgotten by God and by the people - it is all on the water, the boat is the only means of transport. Wildlife, unspoiled nature, the beauty of tropical forests over the big river is stunning. Pearl of our stay was the night in a strange bungalows, which leads one Swiss. For who knows what reason, from Lucerne`s just moved there and built a dozen huts deep in the right-pravcatoj jungle boat more than half an hour away from town. Bungalows are interconnected small wooden wharves. When night fell we were deep in the jungle alone. Fortunately, meticulous Swiss is well-protected windows and bed nets, so we were protected from unwanted intruders out of the jungle. And when night falls, the jungle suddenly quickened. Get in bed and listening to all kinds of sounds unbroken wilderness. Magnificent and somewhat creepy. In any case - unforgettable.



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