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Relax and enjoy in - Laos!

Relax and enjoy in - Laos!Laos is a small landlocked country hidden between Thailand and Cambodia on the one side and Vietnam on the other. Due to poor transport links, as well as extreme poverty, only few tourists visit this godforsaken part of the world.A travel to countries like Laos still counts as an adventure. For example, the health system is very poorly developed. It is recommended to tourists which are in urgent need of any serious medical procedure to evacuate from the country, even in neighboring Thailand. And to know that the doctors really aren`t at your disposal is quite worrying in a country where, for example, it is not unusual to get malaria from mosquito bite. Transportation is another story. The roads are in such a bad shape that ride of hundred kilometers in a bus sometimes takes ten hours. Bus travel can turn out to be, for example, a trip on the roof of the bus. However, the vast majority of travelers enter and leave Laos healthy and happy. So, you see, nothing ugly happened to us.

Luang Prabang and Vientiane

Relax and enjoy in - Laos!Besides its exotic and infectious lightness, Laos has not much to show for tourists. It is cultural connected with Thailand. Sleeping little land in present, as also in past, never really excelled in anything. Exception is a beautiful antique town of Luang Prabang, which is located on a peninsula in the wild in the midst of the Mekong River. The city itself is the seat of the forgotten kingdom. Vientiane was interesting to us only by one thing: the capital city of one terribly poor state does not look bad at all. Moreover, it looks elegant, even has a slight French flair. Restaurants and hotels are good, the streets in the center are decorated. There are a few clubs where great beer "Laos" is poured, and party lasts till dawn. Ever hurrying capitalism completely bypassed this socialistic country, which, together with its inhabitants, sank into passivity and laziness. And it shows on every step. In Laos it is normal that the salesperson in the store falls asleep. Receptionist in a hotel even had a net tied between two pillars. And most of all we laughed when in a restaurant, after she served us a meal, our waitress shortly layed down on the floor. Taxi drivers are sometimes so lazy that they refuse a ride just so you don`t bother them at relaxing. You also need to get on a plane much earlier because the pilots don`t want to wait - our plane once flew more than an hour earlier.

Sleeping country

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Relax and enjoy in - Laos!Laos, with casual atmosphere, provides the ideal departure from Western nervousness and ruthless capitalism. All sorts of stray adventurers that we found there, as for example an elderly Spaniard, praise Laos because for little amount of money you can live there for months, lazily and leisurely. It was also nice for us. For example, a beautiful, very neat little family hotel in which we stayed had a spacious room with view on the palm trees, the river Mekong, the true wild, and on beautiful mountain peaks. Price with breakfast? About five dollars. Of course, the life of local people isn`t a garden of roses. As a logical sequence to general lethargy, the country is extremely poor. Restaurants and shops are often the spaces in which entire families live. Laos, for us as the tourists, was exceptional: for the bargain price we spent a wonderful and relaxed time there. Therefore, Laos stays in our memories as a far, wonderfull, sleeping country.



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