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Machu Picchu: ghost town full of secrets

Machu Picchu: ghost town full of secretsIf someone said to you that Machu Picchu is majestic, mystical, challenging, incredible, amazing, fantastic - believe him, it really is. Machu Picchu is a world tourist attraction of the highest class.All felt in to place for this place. It is, primarily, a great archaeological value. It is an ancient city of the Incas, which was probably abandoned before or shortly after the arrival of the Spaniards. Fortunately, the conquerors have not learned that there is a town in the mountains, and it has remained intact - exactly as it was left. Just as sightseeing Pompeii and walking the streets of the original Roman Empire, so here you walk around the city of a mysterious civilization that developed independently of the rest of the world. However, Machu Picchu is a stunning blend of man and nature. It`s amazing where the city is built - on top of a huge rock, surrounded by snowy peaks, with precipices on each side. Nature here is amazing and, together with the city, it forms an indivisible whole. And when you add to all of this mystical, unknown history of this place full of secrets, such as the whole mystical Inca ... Machu Picchu is - the perfect lure for tourists. Who is not interested in the secrets of this place?

Secrets of religious ceremonies

Machu Picchu: ghost town full of secretsMachu Picchu means old mountain. However, no one knows how this city was really called - this name came up from the hill on which it stands. Is not known when the city was abandoned. It is assumed that this was just before the arrival of the Spaniards to the area of ​​present-day Peru. After all, no one knows why its inhabitants are gone. There are no visible traces of destruction and violence. It is not known how it remained forgotten all these centuries high in the hills. This begs the question of - are there similar forgotten cities in the wilderness of the jungles of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia? Do people live there today and how these people look like?

Even the function of Machu Picchu is not clear. Judging by the religious purpose buildings that occupy almost half of the entire city, maybe it`s a secret ceremonial city. What were the ceremonies? In what way were they different from those in the capital city of Cuzco? Valuable archaeological finds, breathtakingly beautiful nature, countless intriguing mysteries - Machu Picchu was the highlight of our trip in South America.

The royal city of lost civilization

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Machu Picchu: ghost town full of secretsOnly seventy kilometers from Machu Picchu is Cuzco, real archaeological jewel. It was the capital of the Inca kingdom which stretched for thousands of kilometers of today`s Columbia, all the way to Chile. From politics and religion of the Incas to the economy, construction, general lifestyle - people, museums, and streets of this city all talk about this. Today, Cuzco is a beautiful blend of two civilizations. There are the remains of the most valuable palaces and holy sites of the former kingdom. However, religious buildings made after the conquest of Spaniards are also extremely valuable and beautiful. It seems as if the Spaniards especially labored much in this place to overshadow the old religious traditions and to show their power.



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